Tauri App for UI in Rust

Tauri App for UI in Rust

It's time to decide on the UI framework for my project.

Here are the requirements and constraints

*  Single resource with only backend and systems development expertise
*  Not very complex UI
*  Rust as backend language
*  Should be able to get Web developers as contributors later easily. So JS/TS frameworks support is needed.
*  Quality sample applications
*  Native OS support is needed for number crunching, data processing, and container technology interfacing.
*  Open source community and ecosystem.

For the above requirements, I landed on Tauri

A quick search resulted in some good endorsements

One example application is somewhat similar to what I have in mind. Here Awesome Tauri

Right away decided to support it with a tiny contribution as well.


  • Mighty Flutter, But I do not have the bandwidth to learn Dart and a new framework now. Need to leverage my little ReactJS knowledge.
  • No UI development, but this might make the project not very useful.


Check out this open-source Tauri app for US Tax filing applications that runs locally(no data sharing) on your computer.

Excellent introductory YouTube video here