New beginnings

New beginnings

Yesterday was my last day of employment at Cint

Had a great time with very supportive team members and leadership.

Hope my contributions are significant and help out the team in its long-term goals.

I have been preparing to take a break for a long time now and will use the time to decide on the next steps in my life and career.

At most priority is spending time with my kiddo and preparing for my next career moves.

I once planned to work on a product 3 years ago, but due to various personal and immigration reasons, I could not continue the work and be unemployed.

So I had to do many pivots on my plans. Though I think there is still a substantial feature set I can build and publicize.

I named the project Ekalavya for now.

Hopefully this time I will make good progress and reach the finish line or at least build something in open and cultivate a community around it.

Open to new opportunities in new few months.

Taking a risky move in these tough times. But I need to try once or at minimum learn something and gain some following.