The first blog is about Go

The first blog is about Go

I decided to write and blog.

So starting with my current expertise. Golang.

    package main

    import "fmt"

    func main() {
      fmt.Println("Hello World!, This is harsha")

Go is a simple and efficient programming language.

I believe it should be taught first in educational institutions.

I am a polyglot myself, but I feel Golang's tradeoffs are very pragmatic.

But using Go effectively needs a forgiving mindset.

Most often programmers coming from different backgrounds will get into a fight over its idiosyncrasies.

Your code might become spaghetti without the appreciation of Golang's unique style.

I will try to write about and gather best practices, techniques, patterns, blogs, resources, and the latest developments in Golang here.

This is mostly for my bookkeeping.

I hope it helps someone.